The New

Vibrant Living

Summarecon Crown Gading integrated balance life as a rich and engaging center of activity within the north-east area. With the careful and toughtfull planning we introduce you the new city that will exhale many new experiences for now and future generation.

Balanced Living for Harmonious Life

Summarecon Crown Gading will be an emerging destination for families, who seek a balance between work, play and rest. The commercial area are built with vibrant lifestyle in mind for residents who seek convenience and connection. The residential neighbourhoods are designed with serene green open space as the heart of the community.

Bringing Excitement for Every Generation
Every generation has their own aspirations, values and needs. With all that various characteristics, Summarecon Crown Gading aims to accomodate it all by establishing an ecosystem where they may grow together. Thus, offering you the continuing legacy for the next generations to come: a complete, green and integrated all in one city.

Endless Experiences Within One City

Creating a new living space for Greater Bekasi and East Corridor Area, introducing new-integrated lifestyle and providing needed amenities and facilities for the neighborhood.

Summarecon Crown Gading | 2024

Managed by : Ray White Summarecon Bekasi